Who Are We?

We are a working group of twelve institutions and programs that trace their roots to the best of innovative and reform practice in American higher education.   We’re not easily categorized as we excel in different ways, but we’re all deeply and richly student-centered in our practice.   Our commitment is to discover the best means to produce engaged life-long learners and thoughtful citizens.   Constantly seeking for authentic teaching, assessment, interdisciplinary and experiential learning techniques, we’ve come together to learn from each other and maximize our impact on U.S. higher education.

Interested in what we do?  Want to find out more?  Contact us or come to our annual gathering.  Tell us if you think you are a CIEL school or program.


When Are We Next Gathering?


October 27th & 28th, 2016 in Bennington, VT.  Co-hosted by Bennington College and Marlboro College.  For information, contact Isabel Roche (iroche@bennington.edu) at Bennington College or Jim Hall (jchcms@rit.edu) at Rochester Institute of Technology.


CIEL in the News

New Century College to become the School of Integrative Studies in May 2016 http://ncc.gmu.edu/articles/9125.

Stockton selected for nationwide initiative to redesign students’ first year college experience http://intraweb.stockton.edu/eyos/extaffairs/content/docs/pressrel/StocktonAASCUFirstYear2016PressRelease.pdf.

Prescott College ranked in the Top 10 Most Innovative Small Collages in America http://www.prescott.edu/experience/news/2016-2-10-2016-innovative-small-colleges.php. In the same listing, The Evergreen State College came in at #6 http://www.bestdegreeprograms.org/top-schools/innovative-small-colleges.

New College of Florida ranked a top-50 school for return on investment by the Princeton Review https://www.ncf.edu/news/new-college-of-florida-ranked-a-top-50-school-for-return-on-investment-by-the-princeton-review/.