Papers and Presentations

Role of reflection and praxis in community-based learning & social justice work
CIEL Working Paper #1 on Community-Based and Social Justice Education, Feb 2010
Toby Smith and Marie Eaton
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National Survey of Student Engagement and Mission-Based Outcomes
Presented to the Higher Learning Commission annual meeting of a comparison of National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) data around “mission-based outcomes”
Alverno and Prescott College
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Philosophy and Place-Based Pedagogies
William Edelglass, Department of Philosophy
Marlboro College
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Radical Academics
Rita Pougiales
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Reclaiming Lost Ground: Creating Academic Coalitions
Rita Pougiales, January 2008
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Building a Regional Collaboration of Higher Education Institutions and Community Organizations: The Western New York Service-Learning Coalition
Danielle Woodman Kehoe January 2008
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Creating Space for Change
Karen Spear, Executive Director, CIEL, January 2008
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Historical Knowledge and Ethical Imagination by Nancy Koppelman, American Studies, The Evergreen State College. Presented at the Annual CIEL conference at Daemen College in Amherst, NY, October 13, 2005.
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Leveraging Institutional Transformation through Creative Partnerships: CIEL as an Agent for Campus Change
by Karen Spear, with Edwin Clausen, Paul Burkhardt, and Tim Riordan This paper is based on a panel presentation at the 2005 meeting of the American Association for Colleges and Universities, January, 2005, San Francisco ,CA.
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Principles of Good Practice in Using Electronic Portfolios: A Synthesis of the ideas from the CIEL meeting held at Alverno College by Karen Spear
March 2004
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Creating a Vital Campus in a Climate of Restricted Resources: Role of Student Self-Reflection and Self-Assessment
by Marie Eaton and Kathleen O’Brien
June 2, 2004
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Searching for the ‘New University’-Changing Faculty Roles
by Marie Eaton, Fairhaven College Western Washington University
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