Prescott College

Innovating with Ecosa

Prescott College has acquired the Ecosa Institute, a comprehensive and holistic eco-design permaculture program.  The program is a term in length and is worth 16 credits with an intensive suite of courses, making it an excellent option for exchange students.  

Through the Ecosa Institute, students develop and hone their skills in project planning, self-discipline, collaboration, creativity, and the design process as they work individually and in diverse groups on multiple design challenges; including projects that engage actual clients, real sites and real budgets. From constructing a scaled sculpture model to presenting design solutions to a real-life client, projects are a hands-on way of applying what you’ve learned and are an important part of the portfolio you will create.

About Prescott College

Over a half-century of leadership in developing and refining such new educational models has kept Prescott College at the forefront of schools seeking to address the urgent issues that face human societies right now. The themes students and faculty have identified over time as central to this effort include environmental awareness, social justice and peace studies, sustainable communities and sustainable agriculture, outdoor leadership, teacher preparation that includes multicultural education, and artistic and critical response to the issues of our world. The methods they have developed – collaborative learning, experiential education, and student-designed programs – assure students’ impact in their future roles. The College’s tradition of educating with ethics, vision, and sensitivity supports Prescott College students as they become the leaders the world needs now, and in the decades to come.

The framing of social and economic policy in order to preserve with minimal disturbance Earth’s bounty, resources, inhabitants, and environments for the benefit of both present and future generations plays a significant role in defining the character of the Prescott College community. Sustainability also implies working together in a functioning community that has staying power for people and the world. Prescott College places high value on students as functioning and contributing members of the College community. The strong emphasis on ethics and sustainability that permeates Prescott College curricula and community life produces community members inclined to activism in environmental, political, and social issues. 

Prescott, Arizona, USA