Teaching Resources


Faculty who participate in CIEL have the chance to talk with colleagues within their own institution and across institutions in unusually open and honest ways about their work. With steady encouragement to use this collaborative environment creatively, faculty have begun to explore creative ways to reach across institutional boundaries, to create research and teaching opportunities with new colleagues.

Given the consortium’s mission to foster exchange and collaboration among experimenting institutions, the consortium has begun to have a legitimizing effect on experimentation because it takes place in a welcoming environment composed of respected peer institutions. 


Faculty Exchanges

An early CIEL initiative was executing a Memorandum of Agreement that provided student and faculty exchange opportunities across all CIEL campuses. The agreement includes study abroad programs, giving student the opportunity to take courses that are not offered at their home institutions.

Faculty exchanges offer opportunities to learn first hand about the teaching practices, programs, and institutional structures of other campuses and to engage in collaboration on research interests.