Student Exchange Opportunities

Students interested in participating in a campus exchange should contact their home advisor or their CIEL campus coordinator as early as possible but at least by March 15 for Fall semester, and by October 15th for spring.

For application details please contact: Noah Coburn, CIEL Director

Bennington College

Hampshire College

Prescott College

University of Alabama New College

Evergreen State College

Westminster College

Pitzer College

University of Hearst

Fairhaven College at WWU

New College of Florida

Rochester Institute of Technology

University of Redlands

At student-centered institutions such as the CIEL schools, students play a key role in driving change. Students were quick to embrace the possibilities of the consortium and eager to take part in its development.

Opportunities to meet and work with students at schools within the consortium have been powerful learning opportunities. Students serve in a policy-making capacity and spread the word about CIEL opportunities on their home campus.

They are liaisons to their local student body, particularly the student campus coordinators who partner with faculty coordinators to carry out work in strategic planning, community-building and outreach, program and event planning, disseminating information, and carrying out the many tasks needed to make things happen.

Taking forward the work of developing student leadership has become a key thrust of the consortium’s mission.