QUEST University


Quest is unique. Its groundbreaking approach to postsecondary education began as an experiment. Now in its second decade, the university has made its mark, staking its claim as one of Canada’s important institutions of higher learning. Quest seeks to reinvent higher education through its innovative philosophy and novel curriculum. We offer an environment of intellectual rigour and personal enrichment, where students gain universal skills while delving deep into topics they’re passionate about.

Quest University was founded in 2007 by David Strangway with a single goal: to revolutionize higher education. Dr. Strangway, who believed in student-centred classrooms and an immersive learning culture, imagined a curriculum where different disciplines melded together in ways that worked in the real world.

The result? A university that offers a groundbreaking curriculum based on Blocks instead of semesters, Questions rather than majors, and the Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree. Quest offers an unmatched experience for students who are driven by curiosity and aren’t afraid to work hard and be part of something new. Quest has grown from an inaugural class of 73 to a student body of 600 students, 700+ alums, more than 40 countries represented and an academic program that is gaining attention worldwide.

Our classes are small, rigorous, interactive—and fun. Our live-on-campus culture fosters close bonds. Our alumni community is one of the most devoted you’ll find. Our location is spectacular: Squamish is situated between world-class ski resort Whistler and Top Ten city Vancouver.

Mission: to reinvent higher education through uniquely student-centred learning and a groundbreaking curriculum designed to inspire and transform.

Vision: to create a world of vibrant, informed citizens who think critically and engage deeply.

Values: to balance collaboration with individualism, shared ethics with independent thought, and connection with global perspectives.

Squamish, British Columbia, Canada